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Home Automation

Imagine lighting your home, heating your jacuzzi, starting your fireplace and playing your favorite music all with the touch of a single button. Murray Home Theater provides the most simple, efficient solutions in Home Automation. Like each client, each of our systems is different. Pick up your remote control and start the pool spills, illuminate the exterior lights or raise or lower your blinds. Our touch screen keypads can be positioned anywhere, even outdoors, to provide seamless home automation. Want to raise the volume of the music in the kitchen and lower the sound in the dining room? No problem. It can all be at your fingertips. Simple, elegant, fun. Home Automation…..the future has arrived


Distributed Audio/Video

Entertaining tonight? Let Murray Home Theater help. With distributed audio/video throughout your home, your guests will enjoy uninterrupted music and movies until the last call. Plug in your iPod and enjoy your playlist, inside and outdoors. We offer a wide variety of in- wall and in- ceiling speakers for your enjoyment. We believe speakers should be heard, not seen. All of our speakers are paintable and direct the sound to the listening area, regardless of speaker placement. Volume controls are strategically placed to allow you complete control of sound, regardless of which room you are in. Enjoy the latest movie releases via the internet on all the televisions in the home. With the push of a button, see who’s at the front door with your “on screen” camera system. Our television choices are second to none and we guarantee our pricing. Sit back, have a glass of wine and enjoy your evening. You deserve it.


Home Theater

Murray Home Theater prides itself on its custom home theaters. For our new construction clients, Murray Home Theater will work closely with your builder to engineer the perfect theater for your lifestyle. From the carpeting to the woodwork, our skilled staff will design a theater second to none. We understand the challenges of budget and schedule. Our goal is to provide you the finest home theater for the most aggressive price. Finally want to convert your Family Room into a surround sound experience? No problem. Murray Home Theater will install new in-ceiling or in-wall speakers, flat panel television and components quickly and efficiently. Our painters know the importance of preparation and our finish work is impeccable. Your Family Room will soon become an incredible theater experience.


Outdoor Entertainment

No place does outdoor entertaining better than Southern California. It’s year round and its always the right time. Murray Home Theater has created some of the finest outdoor entertainment systems in the world. Our projects have found their home in the yards of celebrities and professional athletes for years. No two are the same. Controlling outdoor sound is an art. We look carefully at your surroundings, HOA, environment, exposure and humidity. Our systems follow your guests through the garden, across the play area, under the water and into the loggia. Bring your indoors outside with our amazing sports bars. Get live feeds to Vegas on our sports tickers or enjoy the game in the Jacuzzi with our floating remote controls. Underwater sound so clear you’d think it is live. The possibilities are endless.


Lighting Control

We believe lighting, done right, makes a house a home. Imagine turning on or off all the lights in your home or business with the touch of a single button. Or better yet, consolidating all of your light switches into one convenient location. Murray Home Theater proudly offers Vantage lighting control. Vantage is simple, elegant and affordable. For our remodel clients, Vantage uses existing wiring and is non-invasive. No need to tear into your walls or ceilings. We simply snap our new wall plates into your old switches and your life will forever be changed. Lighting control provides the ease and comfort of knowing you have complete control over your indoor and outdoor lighting from anywhere in the home. No more costly energy bills. No more lights left on. Murray Home Theater will engineer the perfect lighting control system just for you.



Few things in life are more important than your safety and security. Murray Home Theater provides the finest in residential and commercial security systems. Our clientele include some of the most notable celebrities, professional athletes and business owners in the world. Your safety is paramount to us. We offer panic buttons, infrared beams and biometric access control. For our most secure customers, we offer panic rooms with non disclosure agreements. Home invasions, while rare, do occur. We will design and engineer a panic room tailored to your needs. Murray Home Theater also offers the finest in survelliance camera technology. Both indoor and outdoor cameras provide the added awareness you need. Cameras are viewable on any television in the home and also via the internet from anywhere in the world.



Is the nanny at the house? Are the kid’s safe at the pool? Who is at the front door? Great questions. Murray Home Theater has the answers. Our camera systems have become a staple of our client’s systems. No longer do we need to ask who’s ringing our doorbell. We simply view them on our television screen with a push of the remote. Murray Home Theater offers high definition cameras for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether mini-dome or bullet, in-wall or disguised, our cameras are second to none. Our technicians will retrofit any residential or commercial dwelling in a matter of hours. Placed beautifully onto your laptops and via the internet with a password, your cameras are viewable from anywhere in the world. Alarm systems provide great piece of mind, but cameras provide proof.


Phone/Intercom Systems

Murray Home Theater offers the finest in both phone and intercom systems. Simple and affordable, our systems allow you to intercom between rooms, release a gate strike and allow a guest to enter, voice mail, communication with the front door and much more. We offer both corded and cordless phones with intercom capability. Call the kid’s to dinner with the “all call” button or discreetly intercom an individual room. Find a family member by pressing “page” or entertain the person waiting with “music on hold.” Our intercom systems may be distributed through the home speakers as well. Intercom stations may be flush wall mounted or within your phone system, you decide.  Flexible and completely customized to your lifestyle, Murray Home Theater will deliver.


Central Vacuum

Tired of carrying that vacuum cleaner throughout your home? Worried it may scratch your new floors? It’s time for a central vacuum system by Murray Home Theater. During construction walls are exposed and easily reached. Our technicians will install vacuum tubing throughout your home within the walls. Vacuum outlets are placed conveniently within your residence. Our 30 foot hose is lightweight and covered in soft cotton. Each hose has a powered head and wand for ease of use. Simply plug it into any of the vacuum outlets and begin. Hard woods are protected by the flip of a button. We even offer a garage kit for ease of car cleaning! The motor is conveniently placed in the garage or utility room, away from quiet rooms. Twice a month simply remove lightweight canister and dump items into nearby trash can. No bags, no mess. Vacuum motors are ultra quiet and all filters are hypoallergenic and HEPA certified.


New Construction / Remodel

New Construction or remodel, Murray Home Theater is there for you. We work closely with your design team from inception to completion. New construction clients meet with us early in the design phase. We make it our goal to listen first and provide solutions next. We will help design and engineer the audio, video, security and lifestyle needs of our clients. Nothing is overlooked. Our team of professionals will wire your home for the future. Our cabling is made in the USA  and of the finest quality. Remodel clients will enjoy the speed and attention to detail demanded by these challenging projects. We make it our goal to be as non invasive as possible in our retrofits. We are clean, efficient and complete. Our clients have come to expect a level of quality they know only Murray Home Theater can provide. Let your imagination run wild. Outdoor or indoor, Murray Home Theater will make your house a home.


Commercial Audio/Video

Murray Home Theater has quickly become the leader in commercial audio/video. Our clients include retail stores, hotels, restaurants and sports bars. We provide the finest in distributed audio, flat panel televisions, phone/intercom systems and POS systems. Security systems and survelience are often part of the package as well. Commercial systems demand thorough knowledge of codes and regulations, schedules and deadlines. Our clientele includes some of the most popular establishments in Southern California. Our work at the Chaz Dean Studio (pictured) was recently seen on Bravo’s “Flippin Out” with Jeff Lewis. Murray Home Theater understands that image is everything. Our commercial clients appreciate our “white glove” treatment and refer us again and again.